Queen Elizabeth II: Britain’s longest-reigning monarch dies at 96

Queen Elizabeth II: Britain’s longest-reigning monarch dies at 96


Queen Elizabeth II, the British queen with the longest reign, passed away in Scotland. Charles, her son, is presently King Charles III. 


 The UK has been preparing for this moment, and an expansive plan called" Operation London Bridge" lays out what would be next. But it still comes as a surprise. Elizabeth, 96, represented stability and durability despite royal dishonors, the decline of the British Empire, and significant global paroxysms. She presided over the selection of her fifteenth high minister just a many days a gone.

 The Queen passed away peacefully at Balmoral this autumn, the royal family stated in a statement. The King and the Queen Consort will spend this evening and hereafter in Balmoral before flying back to London. The BBC's newsreaders carried the saddening news while dressed in black. 

 After his mama passed down, Charles incontinently mounted to the throne and decided to take the name Charles III. He'll soon make his opening statement. At a after time, he'll be formally culminated. 


 The queen is described as" the putatively everlasting monarch who came a glowing but mysterious light of durability in the United Kingdom during further than seven decades of rule" in The Washington Post's obituary. 

 The extensive Balmoral Castle, located in the Scottish mounds of Aberdeenshire, has long maintained a special place in the affections of the monarchs of Britain. 


 In 1852, Queen Victoria's hubby, Prince Albert, bought it for her. The marriage went on to have ten children, which redounded in the conformation of multitudinous royal houses dotted all throughout Europe. Under Albert, who banded with original engineers and developed a deep interest in engineering, the castle entered emendations and additions. The castle is a high illustration of Scots majestic armature. 


 Bill Clinton, a former chairman, and Hillary Clinton, a former clerk of state, delivered reflections on Thursday autumn lamenting the end of Queen Elizabeth. The couple" unite with others across the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, and each around the world, in offering thanks for her awful life," the former chairman said in a statement. 


 With" unerring grace, quality, and real regard for the weal of all its people," the monarch, according to him, led Britain. 

 In a letter to King Charles III on Thursday night, Pope Francis paid homage to the late monarch while expressing his sympathies to the UK and blessings to the unborn king. 

 President Biden has issued an administrative order to fly the American flag at half- staff at the White House and other public locales around the nation" until evening, on the day of burial," as well as atU.S. delegacies, consulates, and other installations abroad for the same period of time. 

 Queen Elizabeth was described by Biden as" a stateswoman of inimitable quality and constancy who enhanced the bedrock Alliance between the United Kingdom and the United States" when he blazoned the lowering of the flags. 

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