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Texas man claims ‘Find My’ glitch app makes people think he stole their devices, may sue Apple


Apr 6, 2023

Texas man may sue Apple over “Find My” issue, he alleges, which causes users to believe he took their gadgets.
According to the homeowner, the feature is “obviously” faulty in his neighborhood.

A homeowner in Texas has threatened legal action against Apple after claiming that a bug in the “Find My” app led some customers to believe he had stolen their iPhone and other goods.

On Sunday, Scott Schuster claimed on Instagram that individuals kept visiting his Richmond, Texas, home and claimed that the app was pinging his house as the location of their smartphones.

He claimed, “I have numerous footage of people acting very irate and accusing me of taking their pricey equipment.

He claimed to have lived in his house since 2018 and informed Houston ABC station KTRK that over the past few years, people had been showing up every few months.

The request for comment from ABC News was not answered by Schuster.

KTRK received videos from Schuster’s doorbell of irate customers accusing him of having their belongings and one threatening to contact the police.

He posted on Instagram, saying, “I tried to contact tech support already, and they simply closed my case.” In an effort to find a solution, Schuster also contacted Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Using a geolocation feature, the “Find My” application enables Apple users to locate their iPhones, AirPods, Apple Watches, MacBooks, and other goods.

According to Schuster, the function is “obviously” broken in his neighborhood, which is why so many people have visited him at his house recently.

He tagged Apple in an Instagram post that warned the corporation to “prepare to face a lawsuit” from him.

He gave KTRK evidence that he has contacted Apple Support frequently since the start of 2022 and has even submitted an official report, but he claimed that nothing has been done to resolve the problem.

He posted on Instagram, saying, “I don’t trust humanity not to arrive up angry and intoxicated in the middle of the night asking for their phone or AirPods (it has happened before).” “This makes for perilous situations, and my house is under fire.”

Remember that Apple supposedly stops producing M2-powered chips. Apple decreases M2 chip output in response to a drop in MacBook demand.

Bob Lee, the creator of Cash App and a former executive at Square, died following a “horrific” act of violence.

According to San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins on Wednesday, Bob Lee, the creator of the cryptocurrency app Cash App and an executive at the company MobileCoin, died following a “horrific” act in San Francisco on Tuesday.

A 43-year-old man was found with stab wounds when police arrived at the scene of a reported stabbing early on Tuesday, at 2:35 a.m., according to a San Francisco Police Department report.

The San Francisco Police Department Murder Section is looking into the event, according to a statement released by the police late on Wednesday that confirmed Lee’s identification.

“This kind of vicious crime against anyone has no place in our city. In a statement, San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott stated, “I want to reassure everyone that our investigators are working relentlessly to make an arrest and deliver justice to Mr. Lee and his loved ones, just as we endeavor to do on every homicide that occurs in our city.

The person was taken to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries after officers called for medics, according to the police report, which also stated that the victim finally passed away as a result of the injuries.

Jenkins declared, “We do not accept these heinous acts of violence in San Francisco.”
London Breed, the mayor of San Francisco, called Lee’s passing a “terrible tragedy” in a statement to ABC News.

Breed expressed his condolences to the man’s family and friends. The police are currently looking into what transpired and will provide further information when they can.

Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, launched Square, a digital payment startup, and Lee served as its first CTO.

Bob was “a powerhouse, a force of nature,” MobileCoin CEO Joshua Goldbard said in a statement to ABC News.

Being a dreamer as a child, Goldbard continued, “He was designed for the world that is being formed right now. Anything he envisaged, no matter how absurd, he made real.”

Lee worked with Google in the 2000s, where he contributed to the creation of Android. A request for feedback from Cash App did not receive a prompt response.

Krista, Lee’s wife, and their two kids are left behind.

In the words of Goldbard, “Bob’s genuine resume is the hearts and minds he impacted in his time on earth. The belief that you can change the world if you try, as well as his incredible children, are what Bob left behind.

Since 2018, Scott Schuster has called his Richmond home. He claims that throughout the past few years, this has happened around every few months. He shared doorbell video of the events to our sister station ABC13.

One person can be heard saying, “I lost my cell phone and I hit Find My iPhone and it says it was at this address.”

The majority of those that arrive are obviously angry or frustrated. One guy captured on his doorbell video even made a police phone threat. Another resident remarked, “Well, the cops are on the way, so you might want to talk to me before they arrive here.”

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