Review On Progressive Insurance Cost, Coverage and Ratings (2024)


Review of Progressive Auto Insurance

With a score of nine out of ten, our staff has determined that Progressive is the greatest choice for drivers who are tech aware. The business offers a wide range of coverage options, outstanding customer support, and a solid reputation in the sector. Being a bigger insurer, Progressive offers flexible online or in-person purchase choices to all drivers in the United States.

Rating for Progressive Insurance

Our review team's total grade is determined by how well products perform in five main categories: cost, customer experience, availability, reputation, and coverage.

Does Progressive Insurance Offer Good Coverage?

For many drivers, getting a Progressive auto insurance policy can be worthwhile. Customers' opinions of Progressive insurance are divided, despite the company offering a large range of vehicle insurance plans and possibilities for additional coverage. On the other hand, the company offers some of the best rates for high-risk drivers, and all customers can take advantage of a wide range of discounts.

Cost of Progressive Full-Coverage Auto Insurance Compared to Rivals

At $2,008 a year, Progressive full-coverage auto insurance costs just 1% more than the national average.

Cost of Progressive Auto Insurance

According to our rate projections, full-coverage insurance for 35-year-old drivers with excellent credit and spotless records costs $2,008 annually, or $627 each month. Full coverage with Progressive costs, on average, $2,030 a year, or $169 per month. Your pricing may differ based on a number of factors, even though this is marginally more expensive than typical national costs.

How Come Progressive Insurance Is So Low Cost?

Progressive insurance is not the most affordable car insurance provider; in general, it is only less expensive than average for people with a history of DUIs or other high-risk accidents. In contrast to other insurers, Progressive is not inexpensive for safe drivers. Progressive is ranked 53rd out of 130 insurers in terms of pricing.

Progressive Quotes for Auto Insurance

Numerous factors affect your auto insurance costs, so the quotes you receive from Progressive could not match these figures. You won't pay as much for auto insurance if you have bad credit unless you live in Massachusetts, California, Hawaii, or Michigan. Additionally, your insurance alternatives will cost higher if you are a young driver or have a bad driving record.

Young adult drivers can get auto insurance from Progressive for about 4% less than the national average, which is $2,336 for a 25-year-old.

Rates for Progressive Auto Insurance by Driver Type

Automobile insurance may cost higher if you have a speeding ticket, an accident, poor credit, or a DUI/DWI. Progressive is more costly for drivers with other driver profiles but offers rates that are cheaper for those with DUIs than the national average.

Discounts on Progressive Auto Insurance

Progressive offers about the same amount of vehicle insurance reductions as other leading providers. However, when it comes to savings depending on how you pay for your coverage, Progressive offers a few more options than some of its rivals.

Claims from Progressive Insurance

Customers of Progressive can contact (800) 776-4737, submit a claim online, or through the Progressive mobile app. After examining your car, a claims adjustor will create a repair estimate. After that, you have the option of accepting payment for the repairs yourself or having them done at one of Progressive's preferred network repair facilities. For as long as you own or lease the car, repairs made at a facility in Progressive's network are guaranteed.

Renters insurance from Progressive

Due to its reasonable prices and excellent coverage, Progressive is among our top picks for renters insurance in 2024. We'll go over their prices and coverage in greater detail below, along with a summary of our opinions on purchasing an insurance from them.

The Price of Progressive Renters Insurance

Progressive's renters insurance typically costs $15.42 per month, which is somewhat more than the $15 national average. However, depending on your coverage level and the available savings, the price can vary. To determine which renters insurance quote is best for you, we advise you to compare rates from different coverage levels.

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