About us

About Us:

Michael Beaver started this blog in 2017 while he was working on his alumni research at Oxford University. The goal of the blog is to assist individual students in their home countries in applying for grants and financial assistance abroad.

Our primary objective is to assist understudies with funding and applications for school. For anyone, attending school or college can be extremely confusing and costly. In addition, international students must obtain a student visa to concentrate abroad, and desk work can be significantly more frightening.

Grant provides understudies and their parents with free information on how to easily investigate potential obstacles to attending their preferred college or university.

To help students get into the best schools and colleges, we provide free resources from individual schools, grants, and private financing sources.

Numerous students seeking confirmation may find the application process itself to be a confusing obstacle. We are happy to assist students and their parents with the application process.

Some of the services we offer are as follows:

Accessibility to grants and how to apply for them School and college applications for visas (including student, work, and EB-5 visas)

English language proficiency

We can answer your questions about grants, how to apply for them, and whether they are eligible for specific schools and colleges.

We set the standard for the enrollment of students and assist with school confirmations for students. Please only use the appropriate contact page to reach us for instant response.

Thank you.